Lantaw Floating Restaurant

If your looking for a new and unique kind of restaurant, then Lantaw Restaurant is the place to be.

From the creators of Thirsty shakes and drinks and Mooon Café, comes the very unique Lantaw Restaurant. It offers not only a variety of mouthwatering native dishes, but also offers its uniqueness of being a floating restaurant and the breathtaking view of hills and city lights by night.

Located at  Day-as Cordova, Mactan, Cebu, it is a 20-30 minutes drive from the city. Food offered ranges from 150-400 pesos per serving.

For reservations and to view their menu,  visit the site Lantaw Restaurant Cebu.

For more information about Cebu’s restaurants kindly open this link Restaurants.

4 thoughts on “Lantaw Floating Restaurant”

  1. Here is an honest comment from one of our readers who refused to be known:

    “If you are planning to eat at Lantaw Floating Restaurant, make sure you will take note of these reminders based on my experience:

    1) If you drive your own car, make sure you have lots and lots of patience driving through the narrow streets of Lapu-lapu city and Cordova. Traffic is so heavy PLUS when you reach Cordova, you have to be very careful since you share the streets with the trisikads and tricycles!

    2) If you go there without a reservation, make sure your stomach is full! With a full stomach, you will have enough energy waiting for a table.

    3) If you don’t care for the ambiance, better eat at restaurants in Cebu City. You don’t have to suffer the “waiting” and the long drive going to the restaurant! And at the end of the day, if it is sumptuous food you are after of, there are so many good restaurants in mainland Cebu!”


    The only purpose of this is to help as many readers as we can.

    Anyway, one of our staff went there and found the food excellent and the place beautiful and unique.

    1. Lantaw is very amazing restaurant yes it’s true you have to wait before you can seat but you know the food there is worth to is very perfectly cook and perfectly delicious….

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